Malandrino S/S 2011
Bringing on boho chic with a sophisticated edge, this collection will certainly be a hit with dreamers of all ages. From flow-y tops to tailored rompersCatherine Malandrino’s spring collection has a little something for everyone. I particularly love the way she plays with draping, keeping everything hip but with a timeless sense of style. Photos courtesy of

Luca Luca S/S 2011
The Luca Luca Spring 2011 collection steps out of your sweetest wardrobe dreams and into wearable reality with neutral pastel colors, chiffon, and sensual fits. I love seeing designers working with classic silhouettes while adding modern appeal. This collection subtly features chiffon maxi dresses and playfully breezy shorts, while still leaving room for fitted wiggle dresses. Needless to say, no matter what your shape or size, there is something in Luca Luca’s spring collection for you. Photos courtesy of NYPost.


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