I cannot even fully express to you my love for anything and everything Longchamp.

I visited Paris not long ago, and upon arrival, quickly noticed men of all sorts carrying the most dainty and adorable briefcase (which could be mistaken for a “murse”) I had ever seen. I simply had to know what it was…

Well, my friends, it was a men’s Longchamp briefcase, that’s what it was. Many of you may have noticed the hoards of twenty-something women carrying their Longchamp pieces as casual day bags. You know, the ones made of nylon and leather detailing? Oh so classic and, might I add, soooo easy to clean (with a wet washcloth).

Before I got back to the US, I had acquired the rolly carry-on, the briefcase, the toiletry bag, and the damn umbrella. Ugh, I just couldn’t stop! I got all of mine in a delicious chocolate brown color in order to exude a distinguished look whilst traveling…

When someone walks up to the American Airlines kiosk with a full set of Louis Vuitton, I always think to myself, “ugh, tacky” or “that’s all fake and we know it.” My point is this: if you are in the market for fabulous semi-affordable luggage, check out Longchamp’s entire Pilage line. Travel in style, the French way.


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