So, has anyone checked out the Mango collection at JCPenney? Because I took a gander for the first time this past weekend… and I was pretty pleased by what I saw. More with the styles than the prices, I’d say, however…

I will admit, I did think it a bit odd that an already reasonably affordable brand is offering a collection for a non-discount (well, in theory) retailer… but the prices are pretty good, I guess (while not as cheap as some Target “designer” lines… not that this is really designer)…

You can get a cute shirt for in and around 30 or 40 bucks, but the dresses and the shoes are going to cost you 50 or 60 and upwards…

The items I’d spring for (all available online!)?

Why… here you go. ♥

[Bonus! A lot of them are currently on sale… ]


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