Well, here we are, in the thick of it—New  York Fashion Week—and it’s my belief that if there’s just one new name that you should take away from all of this, it’s Julian Louie’s. The 25-year-old designer (Hey Alexander Wang, you have company!) who was originally trained as an architect at The Cooper Union, presented his Spring 2011 RTW collection at Milk Studios just a few short days ago.

Louie, like any good architect, has demonstrated his ability to do a brilliant job of “saying a lot with very little” and this is evident in his new collection, a minimal/bare bones showing (shoes aside, but I will come to that in just a moment) even in comparison to his last.

The crowning glory of Louie’s SS/’11 collection for me, were the shoes: the glorious, peep-toed, platform wedged, things of awesomeness and beauty made of patchwork suede and tribal printed Ikat. I swear I’m not hallucinating when I say, they spoke to me—no, urged me, to spit in the face of practicality and hop on the internet to send a slightly groveling email to ALDO (with whom Louie collaborated with to produce these tasty little morsels) imploring them to emancipate these ankle booties, to let them live free among the people (me).

I will, of course, report back here if I do hear anything in regards to their impending liberation, but until then, you’ll be able to find me rebounding with dear old Jeffrey Campbell, yet again.

No offense, Jeffrey—I do love you…


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