Art school dropout, graffiti artist, painter, photographer, and all-around bad assDavid Choe has been one of my favorite artists since I first read about him in an article years ago, wandering around a book store before class. I remember reading how he had been arrested during a trip to Japan, and how he drew numerous pictures for his cellmates to “save” himself (ironically, Choe was sent back to the country after his release to do a show). I was immediately mesmerized and drawn to his work, after just a glance…

Limited Edition David Choe Skate Deck, 2010
70 x 20 x 5 cm, Mixed media

Available for purchase at HANG-UP

Death Blossom, 2009

Exodus from Land of Play, 2008

Choe had his first solo show at an ice cream shop in LA that ended up running for… two years when his pieces eventually sold more than the ice-cream itself. Recently, the artist held a show in Beverly Hills entitled Nothing to Declare, which I unfortunately didn’t get to see in person, but which I’m sure was nothing less than amazing. Some would say his work is at times crude, but that’s all part of the appeal to me. Choe is raw; he does what he wants…

You can actually follow Choe’s daily adventures on his blog, Check out his pieces… become inspired, as I was!


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