In fashion we love a good portmanteau. You know, the blending of two words like man and nanny to make a manny. One of the most egregious and depressing fashion manifestations of this hobby? Manpris. Capris are, by all definitions, a typically female item of clothing, a functional halfway point between shorts and pants. So why can’t men indulge in such functional fashion? Because they are ugly as sin on a man and should be banned from public view and eliminated from retailers worldwide.

Worldwide is an important word, here. Europeans seem to love them. And, to be fair, they’ve been employed for reasons of sport. Capris have also been called pedal pushers because they’ll stay out of your greasy bike chain and a Google image search will turn up plenty of Euro tennis players bouncing around the court in manpris. OK, fine. But for walking around town, touristing and cafe-ing? Please, for the love of all things holy, keep those manpris at home.

Plenty of ink has been shed on the tragedy of the manpri. A fun StyleCaster post lists eight trends men wear that women hate and a Huffington Post story about the Stupidest Mens Products That Should’ve Never Been Invented, include the manpri and in the HuffPo post a disturbing combo of manpris and mantyhose (yup, spanks for dudes). Anything you can do to stop men from wearing these horrible fashion mistakes is much appreciated.


4 responses to “MANPRIS

  1. What about the folding and/or cuffing of one’s pants above the ankle effectively turning a pair of regular everyday trouser into a sort of “manpris”? Is this fashion related blasphemy as well?

  2. I was going to ask the same question as Lord Byron. The Sartorialist seems to favor the rolled up cuff, though I think it comes off as too affected (albeit less objectionable than the manpris).

  3. Bill Chenevert

    Essential to the argument! Personally, I enjoy a good cuff; especially with dark denim, even just one longer cuff that falls at your ankle bone. If you’re going to roll, try with khakis and chinos, but mind those socks, if you wear any at all. I also advocate for no socks and shoes that can be appropriately worn with exposed ankles (loafers, low-top sneakers). Also, as a side note, pants are rolled up as a functional byproduct of biking but that’s not an excuse to look like a fool after you’ve arrived somewhere – roll your pants back to your ankles.

  4. Mary Goodwin

    Those manpris sure are fugly!!! They are about as appealing as jeans worn below your ass. That is another phase that also MUST Go!

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