Most people have dreams about things like their teeth falling out, or missing a meeting, or showing up at church in their birthday suit…

But I, I dream of fashion that doesn’t exist; which is something that provides ample inspiration but little reward (ahem, buy my ideas anyone?)… until today.

As I was nodding off on the train at 7:00am this morning, I swear I dreamt about these Rachel Comey Thistle Lace-Up Ankle Boots. They’re simply perfect for fall. You can pair them with ankle socks and a pencil skirt, or keep it simple with a pair of navy slacks. I love that they’re lace-up yet still have a bit of give on the sides (for those of us who suffer from wide feet). Also, if you’re looking to accomplish a fifties look, these saddle-inspired shoes are right up your alley…


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