Love at first sight seems to be a commonality for me these days, and this holds especially true when a shoe such as this one crosses my path… Sam Edelman’s Lorissa Pump has in it almost everything a girl desires: character, charisma, sex appeal and height. I must admit, I’ve stared at many a photo of this shoe longer than I care to divulge—but there were many considerations to be made, namely, would I be able to walk in them and how heavy would they be. Well, I did my homework and read the reviews—ultimately sabotaging my would-be relationship with Lorissa. With a 4 ½” heel, no offerings of a platform to help ease the burden of complete foot verticality, and about five pounds worth of spikes and gemstones cuffed around each leg, I thought to myself, Are these shoes really worth being limpy girl for a day? The debate is still an open-ended one given the sheer fabulousity of this shoe, but for now, sadly, I’ll have to pass and leave these precious babes to another woman much stronger than I.

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