[For more reason than one!]

Can someone please explain to me why–WHY, good God, why–people are loving to hate on January Jones’s Emmy Awards ensemble?

Because my first reaction when I caught a glimpse of the Mad Men actress in her Versace gown was somewhere between “OH MY GOD!” and “Can that please be my life?” HMMM. What am I missing?

Okay, okay, I’ll give you the hair. It’s a bit… off. Or something. But really, WHO CARES? The dress! The woman! The dress on the woman! Could this blue look any more amazing on her? And how dare she deign to don bright color (is it just me, or did there seem to be a disappointing lack of pop year? I wonder if the amazing Tina Fey will ever open up to color… ) and a semi-interesting silhouette on her beyond bangin’ bod. How DARE she.

To all the haters, I pose to you this question: If January Jones on the red carpet doesn’t pull off Versace couture in your eyes…

Well. Who will?



  1. Bill Chenevert

    Seriously, she looks amazing, and, actually, I think her hair is my favorite part. It’s kind of like she wanted to offset the over-the-top glamor of the dress with a little punk rock flavor. The really worst dressed was Ana Paquin, though, right?

  2. hearthesiren

    it’s not just the hair, well it should be up. the bust of the dress looks very cyber, like bullet boobs futuristic? so she needs some jewelry to soften up the hardness. and the black and blue doesnt help either, shes like a royal blue bruise. light color on the nails or french manicure, and nude, blue heels or sandals. the dress is amazing and beautiful, but the accessories or lack thereof, just ain’t.

    but the hair what was she thinking?

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