Because I know I would. But that is not the question at hand here. Marc Jacobs’s new ads for his super-gay cologne, BANG, have rendered me violently ill since I first saw them this weekend. Now, I know that Jacobs is proud of his newly sexy body, and why shouldn’t he be, but this is out of control. Ever since his brief romance with questionable hottie c-lister Jason Preston, it appears as if he has become a Speedo-flaunting, feather-wearing-queen. But really, I’m wondering what happened. Obviously, I got to wondering what the cologne even smells like. I just couldn’t imagine…

So, earlier today, I ventured out to see what the scent really does smell like; and I suppose I have to say… it wasn’t a complete disaster. In fact, it smelled pretty good. I’m sorry though, there is just something about buying cologne that appears inextricably linked to acquiring an STD that doesn’t really appeal to me. Am I alone? This seems like the bath house of colognes or something…


My advice? Stick to a classic scent. Anything by Gucci will keep you smelling like a dream but my personal favorite is Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme. One squirt and you will have boys (and girls) flocking…


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