Every new fashion season brings new inspiration, and as the summer comes to a close, I can’t help but notice one of my favorite era’s trends resurfacing in more than a few fall ready-to-wear pieces.
Post-war ’50s style brought with it a renewed appreciation for fashion, and a variation of the same aesthetic is making a motivated comeback as we head into fall. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times…

The big bang of this era spawned a slew of silhouettes and clever tailoring very similar to many of this season’s sleek collections, which are also sure to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. It’s almost as if Grace Kelly and Humphrey Bogart paid a visit to designers in their dreams and planted a little seed that was to sprout in Fall 2010…

No one can deny the timelessness of the “Golden Era,” but for it to translate into the forefront of numerous collections this season is truly inspiring.  Keep an eye out for silk button-up military shirts, swing skirts (sans petticoats), the return of the oxford, and ladies’ blazers that look as if they came straight out of Grandpa’s closet… !

Whether it’s the budding birth of a new Beat Generation, or some kind of subconscious boom of the industry’s economic outlook, I say: let’s rock it all with red lips, wide eyes, peep toe pumps, and poise like the stars we admire from those “nifty fifties.”

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