Every time I enter this URL into my browser, I feel as though I’ve died and gone to accessory heaven.

Talk about a break from the mundane, Made Her Think Jewelry has me truly lust-struck for its bold and energetic statement pieces. The Talon Posts in Brass Ox are a sure favorite of mine, sleek and refined, oozing with Swarovski crystal deliciousness all over. If these are your cup of tea, you might also want to turn your attention to the dazzling Gemma Necklace, which features a single diamond encrusted talon hung on a 16” oxidized silver chain—truly a thing of beauty.

MHT has also just released a new collection entitled XI. These pieces have a bit of a harder feel and I think they would definitely do well  complementing some of the military-inspired looks predicted to emerge this fall.

I also love MHT’s Exhaust Pipe Bracelet, also in Brass Ox, coupled with the very futuristic Skyling Ring; the Confetti Blast Earrings were a bit of an unexpected and off-theme find, but mustn’t be overlooked either. How fun would these be to wear polished off with a loosely swept chignon? Wait, scratch that…

How fun would it be to wear all of these at once?!



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