Interior designers are using black and white as a base for trendy rooms across the globe these days. Last month, I completed a project in DC’s hip U St. Corridor, where we covered everything in black + white and then introduced canary yellow as our accent color. It’s a great idea to use when you’re working with one small wall and one cool pillow or chic piece of furniture.

Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s Creative Director, chose to decorate her formal living room in these colors and it looks absolutely fabulous! The great thing about black and white is that it truly goes with everything…

Might I add, there is nothing better than white sheets, white towels and white rugs. It makes you feel clean and crisp; it is delicately delicious. Just make sure you don’t have any kids during your white obsession. If you do have a house full of ankle biters, I suggest sticking what’s classic: black. People are afraid to use black in their homes and this brings tears to my eyes. The next time you are choosing colors for a room, go for a black trim. Believe me, it can make any room look sexy.

Of course, fashion has not and will not give up on these two not-so-colorful colors either. I personally want to be buried in a white Chanel suit and white satin slingback peep toe heels. I’m no drag queen, but how could anyone say no to that outfit? Heaven.

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